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... I have grown lonely here on the island. Despite my golems, I have no one with whom I can converse, no one with any personality. Even the animals spend less time here than on the main island. Each day I look upon the horizon for a sign of someone. I have no fear of strangers, for either I will meet the Avatar, or the golems I created to protect the Shrines will fend off hostile visitors...

...I am exhilirated! Today, while on the main island, I happened by a tree. While this is not inherently odd, I noticed that the tree seemed to grow not out of the ground, but from a large rock. Equally unusual was the five stones surrounding it, each located the same distance from each other and from the center stone. They looked much like they could represent vertices of a five-pointed star. And then I realized to what I was a witness: the legendary Stone of Castambre. Even had I not noticed the Tree of Life springing forth from the boulder, the Pentacle of rocks gave all away...

...The first test was a success. I used a pick to chip away a bit of the stone. I was startled at first by the bleeding, but as I heard not a whit of any sound indicating pain, I continued. I am about to confer with the book to determine my next action...

...I am afraid I will have little time to continue this journal for the moment. I realize that a true scientist would record daily with the utmost accuracy what he has done and witnessed, but the amount of work each day requires leaves me long past the point of exhaustion...

...I have done it! My newest two golems can actually speak! And they offer original comments, not mere echoes of my own thought. The instructions in the book are correct. Bollux, my first attempt, succeeded, but my inexperience left him a little less intelligent than I would have preferred. However, his "brother," Adjhar, benefited from my mistake with the other, and has full speech capabilities. As I sit now, writing this, I can hear them discussing weather! I must go now and talk with them. Oddly enough, the sky no longer seems overcast...


(Dai) アステレロンの日誌









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