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The biography of Britannia's longtime rule

by K. Bennos


...While many may remember that Lord British was once but one of eight monarchs (back when the lands were known as Sosaria), few are aware that he is not even a native of our own lovely Britannia. His origin is from another world, one from which he entered ours by way of a red moongate (In fact, it is through this same type of gate that the Avatar of legend purportedly enters Britannia.) As ruler of one of the eight kingdoms, he was instrumental in selecting a champion to face Mondain, Minax, and Exodus. When the terrible machine, Exodus, was defeated, 'twas Lord British behind whom all the people of Sosaria rallied. The unified land become known as Britannia, with Lord British as the sole monarch.

Though never let it be said he rules with a tyrannical hand. His reign has always been one of Truth, Love, and Courage, supported by his utmost belief in the eight virtues. It was Lord British who had the insight to call forth a quest for the Avatar (whom also happened to be the champion from the days of Sosaria), and who gave prosperity and happiness unto the people.

Then came his mysterious disappearance, when the Stranger who became the Avatar was called by his companions to aid in the search for the lost monarch. Note how Lord Blackthorn, affected by the Shadowlords, quickly turned Britannia's fair lands into a place of terror. But find our noble Lord the Avatar did, and Britannia was restored its former, peaceful state.

Then came the gargoyles, and our honorable sovereign thoughtfully requested the return of the Avatar...




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