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by Rudyom The Mage


The mysterious substance known as Black Rock is completely indestructible. Only by magical means can it be molded and shaped. Black Rock can be found in small quantities beneath the ground, sometimes near lodes of iron ore or lead. Black Rock can be excavated by conventional means, but melting it down into a malleable substance is impossible, except by magic. I have found that a combination of electrical energy and magnetic energy has a profound effect upon the substance. Together, these properties cause Black Rock to become permeable, that is, one can put one's hand through the substance as if it were water!

Further study reveals that Black Rock might work as a teleportation device if magic, electrical energy, magnetic energy, and the correct alignment of heavenly bodies act together upon the substance. This theory still needs to be tested. The Black Rock transmuter I created out of an old wand does not work. It was meant to shoot electrical and magnetic charges into Black Rock, but all it does is make the substance explode! (I must be careful not to let the transmuter get into the wrong hands. Pointing it at a large quantity of Black Rock might produce a devastating explosion!)

I must quit for the day. The headaches that have been plaguing me have gotten worse. I am forgetting more and more. Very soon, I am afraid, I will forget how to cast simple spells. I believe something might be affecting the magical ether. But I cannot be sure...






さらなる研究によって、魔法、電気エネルギー、磁気エネルギー、そして天の星々の正しい配置とを組み合わせることにより、ブラックロックは瞬間移動装置として機能することが分かった。この理論を完成させるには更なるテストが必要である。私は古い杖からブラックロック変質器を作ってみたがうまく働かない。これは電気と磁気をブラックロックに注入するものだが、物質を爆発させるだけなのだ! (私は変質器を間違って操作しないよう注意したつもりなのだが、大きなブラックロックの塊をこれで指すと、大爆発を起こすのだ!)





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