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by Fetoau


It is the author's expectation that thou art reading this to familiarize thyself with the effects of various potions based on their color. The first part of this work will discuss such aspects, with the remaining pages covering the materials and steps required to make such alchemal creations.


Black potion:

Drinking this will render the individual invisible for several minutes.

Blue potion:

This mixture will put the imbiber into a deep sleep.

Orange potion:

This potion will awaken an individual who was magically put to sleep.

Purple potion:

This concoction will provide magical protection for several minutes of hard fighting.

White potion:

This potion will provide a small bit of illumination, much like a candle, for a few minutes.

Yellow potion:

This powerful mixture will give healing aid to the imbiber's wounds.

WARNING: Green potion:

This potion is a dangerous toxin, and will poison the imbiber, possibly killing the individual.

Red potion:

This fabulous drink will cure most poisons, including those acquired from the slugs in the swamps and that gained from drinking a GREEN potion.

This next section details how one can best recreate these uncanny concoctions...




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