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by Creston


Forward by Lady Leigh

Though I personally advocate the use of healing herbs and more sterile bandaging environments, the steps told in this treatise will suffice until better healing care becomes available. Follow Creston's steps carefully, and thou wilt have no trouble forming a reliable, if not perfect, way to prevent serious blood-loss. Remember, however, that there is no care as good as clean sheets, a sturdy bed, and proper attention! '--' Lady Leigh of Serpent's Hold

As long as one has shears, cloth, and a conscious mind, thou wilt have little fear of bleeding to death on the corpse-littered fields of battle. Simply cut the cloth into strips and bandages. Quickly placing the center of the bandage over the wound, wrap the strip around and around the bleeding area. As the cloth begins to soak up the blood, it will combine with the natural healing aspects of the body to staunch the flow of blood and to quicken the healing process. In no time at all, thou wilt be ready to travel again (though I advise this travel to be to the house of a competent healer!).




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