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by MacCuth


Legendary rock? Perhaps. Powerful relic? Definitely. The Stone Of Castambre '--' named for the mage who is rumored to have enchanted and placed it '--' is said to be located on the Isle of Fire, also the location of the Shrines of the Three Principles. Of course, since knowledge of the Isle has long since disappeared, knowledge of the infamous Stone is equally mysterious. However, through research and study of Castambre's diary I have brought to light a few clues to the Stone's whereabouts.

The major purpose of the Stone's power is to animate inanimate objects: statues, golems, tools, etc. In addition, shouldst the desired object be one already imbued with the power of conversation, the Stone will enhance such powers, giving the object, or rather, creature, independent thought. Historians claim that it is with this stone that Castambre concocted creatures of such deep personalities that, from behind a curtain, it was impossible to differentiated between a person and one of his creations.

But how do I capture this ability, I hear thee ask. First, assuming thou hast already discovered the Isle of Fire (no mean feat, I assure thee), thou must then search for the "pentacle of rocks" '--' five boulders arranged as though they were vertices in a pentagram. In the center thou shouldst notice a sixth rock, from which grows a large, healthy tree '--' the Tree of Life. This sixth rock is Castambre's Stone.

However, finding the Stone is only half the battle, for now thou must perform magicks beyonds the abilities of normal men. With a ... thou must.... ....... Once the "heart" has been placed within the "chest" of the creature, the ritual may begin. First, using perhaps the same pick, thou must strike the Tree hard enough to draw blood. Blood from a Tree, questions thee? Aye, I say, for this Tree is one of life and energy '--' collected from the nutrients of the Stone, and bleed it does.

Some say thou wilt be able to hear the shrieks of pain from Castambre's Stone, but that rumor is waning. Thou wilt need enough of the Tree's life force to fill a bucket. After the blood has been properly contained, it must be spilled in five spots about the body of the stone creature as if the creature were Castambre's Stone and the puddles of blood the five rocks of the pentacle. In fact, it is necessary to set down five such small rocks to mark the location upon which the blood must be spilled.

Then must thou cast Vas Flam Uus (see detachable page at end of volume), setting fire to each of the puddles of blood. Following that must be chanted the sacred words gleaned from Castambre's journals (also on detachable page). Now that the creature is enchanted, of course, it will become necessary to instruct it, much as one educates a child. However, a stone golem will learn much more quickly...




伝説の岩? おそらく。強力な遺物? そのとおり。カスタンブラの石、これはこの石を召喚したとされる魔術師にちなんで名付けられたものであるが、アイル・オブ・ファイアの三原理の神殿にあるといわれている。もちろん、この島についての知識は長い間失われており、この無名の石は全くの謎である。しかしながら、カスタンブラの日記を調査研究することによって、私はこの石の所在についてのいくつかの手がかりを白日の元に晒すことができるようになった。



しかしながら、この石の発見だけではだめであり、通常の人間に可能なもの以上の魔法をかけ無くてはならない。・・・を用いて、・・・しなければならない。(この部分は泥で汚れて読めない)「心臓」が生物の「胸」のなかに置かれると、儀式が始まる。最初に、一つのつるはしを用いて、血が十分に流れるように樹を強くうがつ。樹からの血とは何か? そう、この樹は生命やエネルギーそのものであり、石に含まれる養分を集めたものであり、血を流すのである。


次いで、呪文Vas Flam Uus(巻末の切り取り可能なページを参照)を唱え、血溜りの各々に火を熾す。続いて、カスタンブラの日記に書かれている聖なる言葉(これも巻末の切り取り可能なページにある)を唱える。これでこの生命体に魔法がかかる。もちろん、子供を躾けるように指示を与える必要があるだろう。しかしながら、ストーン・ゴーレムは短期間のうちに子供よりもずっとたくさんのことを覚えるだろう。




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