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Reasons why one should never build doors facing north or west. Many centuries ago, the prophet, Father Antos, foretold the coming of a plague of Locusts that would arrive from the lands to the north. He predicted that their source area was so important that it would indicate who would survive the attack, and who would not. He predicted that anyone living in a house having a door with a northern exposure would perish under the onslaught. Two days later, the locusts came, and in the aftermath, it was discoverd that only the houses with doors on the north wall were destroyed.

...The naturalist, Ergan, incorporating Algarth's discovery that the sun rises from the east, theorized that the nightly path of many dark-dwelling nasties could be traced. As the sun moves slowly to the west, Ergan contends, shadows increase in the east, forcing monsters to move that direction to stay out of the sun. Therefore, as denizens of the dark travel from the west, they are more likely to invade households with doors that directly cross their paths...




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