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by Menion


The first step in effective sword-forging is to fill a crucible with metal. Then, with the bellows, the fire should be made extrememly hot When the flame no longer continues to grow in its glow, set the crucible on the fire to melt the metal. Afterwards, pour the molten metal into the blade mold and let it cool. Be warned! The crucible is at an extremely high temperature. Lift the cooled blade from the mold. Again heat up the fire and set the blade within. Be careful not to let it lose its shape though. Just set it in there long enough for the blade to become malleable.

When it is ready, finish shaping it on the anvil with the hammer. When thou hast formed a blade of the desired shape, use the quenching barrel to cool the metal. It will harden quickly, so make sure the blade is as sharp as thou dost want it to be. All that thou is left to do now is to put the pommel over the tang. It takes some doing to make a fine, sturdy sword, but the finished weapon is well worth it!




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