Ultima > Lord British congratulated Peacock Dragon's wedding! (English)

Lord British congratulated Peacock Dragon's wedding! (English)

On Oct. 2, 1999, Peacock Dragon(aka Kujaku), a friend of mine, bade farewell to his unmarried life. Before his wedding, he contacted LadyMOI for Lord British's blessing, then Lord British gave him a message for his wedding(via LadyMOI). I, KtJ Dragon, fortunately got a chance to speak this message in his wedding. ---Um yeah, I'm very very glad that why I could speach the Lord's word :-D. Then Peacock Dragon allow me to put the message into my site. Here's the honorable message.

note : DO NOT REPRODUCE unless you get Peacock Dragon's allowance.

Well met!

I well remember our meeting in Tokyo. As the banner that you and the other gave to me hangs near me here, I notice your signature of loyalty to Britannia is the first on list.

I am pleased to hear of the wondrous occasion ahead of you. Finding a person with whom you wish to spend all your days and nights,is difficult and thus amazing when it actually happens. The bond you share will help you both in the trials of life. Each of you will be stronger for the strength you give each other. I give you both the blessings of happiness and good fortune, in the new life you start together.

--- Lord British --- Sovereign of Britannia
---Richard Garriott --- Creator of the Ultima Series




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