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the DIG for PC-compatibles with Japanese Windows 95


At 1990, IBM Japan had released "Japanese PC DOS 4.0/V". The system enables a standard PC compatible to handle Japanese letter by displaying 16x16 letters on VGA 640x480 screen. Following IBM, Microsoft and Digital Research were released similar systems. These systems are known generically as "DOS/V". The DOS/V made computer (or anti-NEC) users glad, however, the architecture was not spread efficiently before Japanese Windows 3.1 was released.

After Japanese Windows 3.1 was released in 1993, DOS/V had been speread gradually, and several game softwares are released for the system.

Micromouse was a company for import foreign games to Japan. The company got an right to import/translate LucasArts games. Micromouse translate/port several adventure/starwars games to Japanese Mac/DOS/Windows/PC-98x1 systems. Micromouse may be closed on 2006 or 2007.





1 CD-ROM disk

required system:

Windows 95 (DOS compatible mode)

original price:

9,800 yen

released at:



The game may work under VESA 640x480@256 colors scrren mode.

Scanned Images

Basically, the boxart, manuals, leaflets, and the disk are the same as those of PC-98x1 versions. So please refer the DIG for PC-98x1 page.



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