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Monkey Island for Sega Mega-CD


After Fujitsu had released LOOM for FM TOWNS, in 1991, Victor Ongaku Sangyo acquired a right for porting LucasArts games to Japanese computers/consoles and publishing them in Japan. The first LucasArts product by this company was Monkey Island for FM TOWNS and LOOM for PC Engine. Then they started to port Monkey Island to Sega Mega-CD. At that time, the company had changed their name into "Victor Entertainment". The company was purchased by Marvelous Entertainment then and changed their name into "Marvelous Interactive". Then the company was joined with Marvelous Entertainmaent Inc. on June 30, 2007 and became a devision thereof.



Victor Entertainment


1 CD-ROM disk

original price:

8,800 yen

released at:

Sep. 23, 1993

Scanned Images



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