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the annals of AKALABETH

This is a backstory of Ultima 0 : AKALABETH. It is from original manual in [archive]Jocksitter Dragon's Ultima Page.

'Tis said that long ago peace and tranquility covered the lands. Food and drink flowed freely, man and beast lived in peace, gold and silver abounded. It was gold age of AKALABETH.

Mondain, second born of Wolfgang, a great king of old, wished to gain his brother's inheritance and so he used his great powers for evil. Many years had Mondain traversed the lands of AKALABETH spreading evil and death as he passed. He created deep dungeons, so deep and extensive that their lower depths had never been explored. In these dungeons he unleased more evil. He sent thieves, skeltons,and snakes to dwell near the surface, and daemons and balrogs to guard depths. Now blood flowed freely in AKALABETH, and foul creatures soon came to roam near the surface. Mondain cast such sickness and pestilence upon AKALABETH, that both man and beast lived in constant fear. This was dark age of AKALABETH.

There arose from land a man, pure and just, to battle the Dark load. British, Champion of the White Light, did battle with Mondain deep within labyrinth of dungeons, eventually driving him from AKALABETH forever. British of the White Light proclaimed Lord British, Protector of akalabeth. Alas, much damage had been suffered unto the lands, The Revival of AKALABETH has begun.

'Tis thy duty to rid AKALABETH of the foul creatures which infest it, whilst trying to stay alive!




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