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to freddie and Psychic,

I don't have an account for posting thereto, so I will put some messages regarding to the FM TOWNS games.

Fm Towns Loom[archive]

The guy mentions The Dig too, so it might have been released for FM-Towns too... Maybe Full Throttle f.ex. then too?

The Dig have never released for FM TOWNS. The game had released for PC/AT with Japanese DOS or Windows95, Macintosh with Japanese or International system, and NEC PC98x1 with Windows 95. The novelization of the game have also translated and published in Japan. I have gotton the Dig for PC98x1 and pics thereof will be put in mysite.

As you mentioned, only Zak, Indy3&4, MI1&2 and Loom are released for FM TOWNS.

...and what makes that link find "disturbing" or at least collectably challenging; check this out:

The last screenshot is different from yours Yours is an item pic. So there is at least two variations of Zak FM-Towns. Maybe the other 'Towns games have different versions too...

I didn't know the differences until your suggestion. Thanks.

Lucasarts Timeline FM Towns[archive]

I was taking a look at the Lucasarts timeline at and it seems they don't even know what systems their own games were released on

The three Towns games listed in the timeline are directly ported by Lucasfilm games. Otherwise, other Towns games are ported by another company. Therefore Lucasarts seem not to know Indy4 and MIs for TOWNS, I think.



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